Return To Sport – What Is It?

Tensegrity Physical Therapy | January 30, 2020 | Filed under:

At Tensegrity, our Return to Sport test was designed to evaluate the biomechanical readiness of an athlete to see if they are ready to return to recreational or competitive sports participation after a surgery or an injury. We utilize state of the art technology, rather than solely a surgical protocol, to determine an athlete’s ability to return to sport safely. This is comprised of a biomechanical assessment, Biodex strength testing, force plate and high-speed video cameras for sport-specific movements, and running/walking analysis. 

Our main goal with our Return to Sport testing is to prevent re-injury. We test our Return To Sport patients to ensure that they have the strength, stability, flexibility, and symmetry to perform their sport to the best of their ability, pain, and injury-free. After the Return to Sport test is complete, we then use that information to develop a patient-specific training plan and/or programs to help patients return to sport.