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Services That Set Us Apart

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A comment we often hear from patients is that Tensegrity is unlike any other clinic they have been to before. This is something we pride …

Injury Prevention

Benefits of Bodyweight Strength Training

Woman doing a plank

At Tensegrity Physical Therapy, we believe that strength can help combat future pain and injuries. Our process begins with a visit to one of our …

Injury Prevention

Benefits of Stretching

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At Tensegrity, we see many patients come in suffering from tight muscles, joints, and ligaments. We love giving our patients stretching exercises to do at …

Pelvic Wellness

Tips To Protect Your Pelvic Floor

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Everyone has a pelvic floor. It consists of muscle, fascia and ligaments that form the floor of your core and your pelvis. The pelvic floor …

Performance Therapy

Benefits of Foam Rolling

man on a foam roller

At Tensegrity, we believe that the foam roller is a great tool to have in your toolkit when it comes to recovery and strength building. …

Tensegrity Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Business Update: April 29th, 2021

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Lane County will be moving to “extreme risk’ this Friday, April 30th as cases continue to rise this month. This will not be affecting our …

Injury Prevention

Heart & Lung Wellness Strategies

Did you know that your heart can affect your breathing? The two major organs work in tandem to make sure that your body has the …

Injury Prevention

Suffering From Joint Pain?

Elderly woman

Joint pain is a common issue we see amongst many of our patients, and it can often make daily life extremely difficult. Joint pain can …

Performance Therapy

Bike Fit – What Is It?


Are you a cyclist who is interested in having your bike custom fit? A custom fit bike can help make rides faster, smoother, and pain …