What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Surgery Rehab?

No one wants to hear the words, “You need to get surgery.” But unfortunately for some, it is a harsh reality. Whether that surgery is for a chronic issue that has been going on for many years, or it is for a recent injury that requires immediate attention. Rehab before surgery can be beneficial for just about any type of procedure. Whether that surgery is for a foot, ankle, knee, hip, wrist, spine, shoulder, or neck.

The term for rehab before surgery is called prehabilitation. This time is spent helping the patient prepare both physically and mentally for their upcoming surgery. Some of the benefits of prehab include…

-Less anxiety: Going under the knife is a stressful experience for most, but our physical therapists work to share as much knowledge that they can about what the procedure will be like. Also, the process of gaining strength and flexibility prior to surgery can help a patient gain peace of mind that everything will go well.

-Faster recovery: We will often teach our patients the exercises they will be doing immediately after surgery. Gaining the strength early on, and practicing those movements, will mean that it will be easier to start doing them post-surgery. This will mean a speedier recovery.

-Fewer complications: Prehab can help increase strength and build up the immune system prior to surgery, which can decrease the number of complications that could happen.

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