Upcoming Continuing Education Course for Clinicians

Functional Anatomy and Manual Therapy of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvic Region: Implications for Clinical Practice – December 7th & 8th. Clinicians will receive 14 continuing education units.

*Presented by Project Dasein and hosted by Tensegrity Physical Therapy

This course is designed and intended to bring members of the health care community that deal with the general population, athletes and weekend warriors together to explore and learn concepts/techniques that are both new and old for the evaluation and treatment of the lumbo-pelvic region.

Course Participants: This class is open to all licensed health care practitioners. This includes PT, MD, DO, ATC, LMP, NP, DC, ND and OT 

Emphasis will be placed on current research in the clinical anatomy of the spine (with priority on the lumbo-pelvis region), motor control of the spine, mechanical properties of the spine and engineering tools used in evaluating loading and movement of the spine.

A significant amount of new information on the function of the spine has been gleaned over the past decade.  However, despite these new findings, many health care practitioners have not had access or have had limited exposure regarding these findings.

This two-day seminar will include a combination of hands-on practical training and didactic lecture instruction. The didactic information has been selected to allow the practitioner to derive and construct a plan of care that can be individualized to each patient’s/client’s needs. Techniques that will be covered include an extensive focus on Muscle Energy Technique (MET), myofascial trigger points and additional techniques found to be of benefit in treating this region. In addition, the ability to design an appropriate exercise plan will be covered in detail.

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • – Describe the normal anatomy and biomechanics of the spine and pelvis.
  • – Describe the normal joint kinematics, kinetics and muscle actions of the spine.
  • – Describe the complex interactions of the spine, hip, knee, ankle, and foot during lifting and functional tasks.
  • – Develop and apply basic Muscle Energy Principles to the lumbar spine and pelvis.
  • – Develop and apply soft tissue techniques to the lumbar spine and pelvis.
  • – Develop strategies for evaluating and treating the L/S region with the incorporation of both manual therapy and therapeutic exercise.
  • – Plan appropriate strength interventions based on a biomechanical assessment of the individual’s needs.

Instructor: Sean Roach, PhD, DPT, is the owner of Tensegrity Physical Therapy in Eugene Oregon and president/owner of Project Dasein. He has completed greater than 2000 hours of continuing education with a focus on osteopathic manual therapy techniques. His primary mentors were Dr. Loren  Rex “Bear” and Dr. Ed Stiles. His research interests are concerned with the kinematic, kinetic and muscular actions associated with human movement, in particular of the spine and hip region. Dr. Roach is an active researcher, with several recent publications and more in process. He is currently working toward completion of an MSc in the Philosophy of Science and Religion at the University of Edinburgh, with a focus on embodied cognition.

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