The Importance Of Exercising As We Age

There are many reasons that cause us to slow down as we get older, ranging from weight issues, health problems, or pain. But as you grow older, it is actually more important than ever to make sure you have some form of exercise in your life.

Exercising when we are older helps build or maintain the strength, balance, and agility required to continue to do the things we love whether it be biking, gardening, dancing, or running. There have even been studies done that link exercise to longevity, and it has been proven that exercise can add years to your life.

Regular exercise when we are older can mean prolonged independence, reduction in the chance of falling and decreased risk of dementia. It can help control your weight, boost your energy, protect your heart, improve your sleep, and help manage your symptoms causing any pain/illness.

Some common myths we hear at the clinic from our older patient’s are…

“What’s the point, I’ll get old anyway?”

This is false, because exercising can actually help you look and feel younger, and allow you to stay independent longer as well. Exercising has been shown to help reduce your risk for a variety of disorders, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, obesity, and even some cancers.

“I’m worried I’ll get hurt.”

Not exercising is going to be more of a risk for getting hurt than to get injured while exercising. Our trained staff will ensure that they teach you the proper way to perform an exercise, and they will take it step by step, making it as simple as possible for you to understand the movement.

“I’m already in too much pain.”

Movement and exercise can actually help better manage injuries or aches/pains. Regular activity builds strength back to ensure that you are putting less pressure on the joints, and it helps bring back vitality.

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