sEMG – What is it?

We use the Surface Electromyography (sEMG) as a tool to help patients understand what muscles are being activated during any kind of movement.

To do this, we attach electrode pads, and this technology utilizes the surface electrodes to measure the amount of muscle recruitment while providing the user with visual feedback to improve neuromotor pathways.

This allows us to alter compensatory patterns to maximize proper activation. We use this information to develop a customized strength program to get all muscles firing up the way that they should so that our patients can enjoy life pain and injury-free.

We use the sEMG to assist patients on how to better perform specific exercises and movements, and we use it to help teach correct form on things like squats, lunges, and other everyday movements.

We also use the sEMG for patients suffering from chronic pain or injury recovery. The sEMG was a crucial tool to help one of our patients, Timothy, who was suffering from back pain after surgery. The sEMG helped show deficiencies throughout his body, and with this information, we were able to develop a plan to help even out his strength and get him back to living pain-free.