Preventing Cycling Injuries

Riding a bike is a fun and low impact way to commute around town, explore beautiful places and get your exercise in. Even though riding a bike is a low impact, there are still injuries that can happen, and our goal is to reduce the number of cycling patients we see at the clinic.

Some ways to prevent acute biking injuries (one’s that result from a fall or an accident) are a well-fit helmet, front and rear lights, bright-colored clothing (especially in the morning or at night), and a well-mainted bike with inflated tires and properly working brakes.

Some ways to prevent overuse biking injuries (ones that result from extended periods of time) are a properly fitting bike (you can learn how we can help you with that here), strength training to even out any imbalances, stretching to help with tight hip flexors, quads, or hamstrings, and appropriate clothing like padded cycling shorts or gloves to help prevent pressure-related injuries.

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