Biodex Dynamometer Strength Testing – What Is It?

Tensegrity Physical Therapy | July 14, 2019 | Filed under:

The Biodex Dynamometer is a testing and training tool we offer here at Tensegrity. We use the Biodex to test patients’ strength to determine if the root of their pain/injury is caused by muscular imbalances. 

A muscular imbalance could be from the right side of the body to the left side of the body, or it could also be from opposing muscle groups in a limb (think the strength of the quadriceps in the leg vs the strength of the hamstring). When a patient needs to be tested on the Biodex, we strap them down so that we can better isolate the muscle groups that need testing.

Isokinetic strength training provides a quantitative measure of strength. The numerical strength value can help establish a baseline and can help establish goals for symmetrical strength. If the residing issue is a muscular imbalance, this tool then allows us to be able to design a specific plan to help improve the strength imbalance issues, while also allowing the patients to see their progress over a period of time.

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