Life After Physical Therapy

At Tensegrity Physical Therapy, we understand that often, we are just one stop on any patient’s recovery journey. Our goal is to help with the immediate care that is required to heal an injury but also to pass along all the knowledge we can to our patients to help them continue on their healing journey and prevent re-injury outside of the clinic.

In order to maintain the level of health and success outside of our clinic, there are few recommendations we have to help continue your recovery and optimize your wellbeing.

Nutrition and Hydration

It is important to look at food and hydration as fuel. We are no nutrition experts here, and proper nutrition will look different person to person, but eating a balanced, healthy diet with lots of whole foods will help with overall wellbeing. And it is important to stay hydrated, especially during the warm summer months.


A phrase we like to use is “motion is lotion”. Regular movement helps increase blood flow in the body, and that can be anything from daily walks, hikes, all the way to running, jumping and sports.

Recovery and Sleep

The body does most of it’s repairing work while sleep, so it is essential to get a quality night sleep every night. Creating a regular routine will help improve recovery and overall wellbeing.

Post Treatment Program

At Tensegrity, we provide our patients with a home program that is specifically tailored to their needs, ability, and accessibility. Continuing to follow this program will ensure the reduced risk of reinjury, and will help a patient continue on their recovery journey from the comfort of their home.

We’ll help you identify your health goals and set a plan for reaching them. Get started today by clicking here!