How To Telehealth

Let us help you get ready for your Telehealth physical therapy appointment. We are excited to be able to provide this unique platform to address your needs. Here are some recommendations in order to get the most from your session.

Once your appointment is scheduled, go to our website and click the Telehealth link for our virtual waiting room. There you will see the picture of your therapist and the link to begin the call. Before you do this, make sure you have your computer or phone ready for streaming.

Limit other devices streaming at the same time and close all other programs on your phone or computer. Set up the computer or phone in an area where you will have space to move around or even set it up in your home gym.

Now, we can get to the fun stuff, the equipment. Gather your mini-band loop, thera-band, foam roller, tennis ball/lacrosse ball, and any weights that may be useful. Once this is all set, the call can begin, and you can start the journey of Telehealth.

During the visit, our goal is to address your musculoskeletal health needs, including strength, flexibility, soft tissue treatments, and self-mobilizations and adjustments.

Don’t delay, try Telehealth today!