Heart & Lung Wellness Strategies

Did you know that your heart can affect your breathing? The two major organs work in tandem to make sure that your body has the oxygen-rich blood that it needs to function properly.

The Coronavirus is primarily affecting the cardiopulmonary system. Cardio means heart, pulmonary means lungs. When the ribcage loses the ability to expand and contract, your system is more likely to trap fluid, and as fluid gets trapped it gets sticky. This can be a big breeding ground for both bacteria and viruses.

In order for the ribcage to move fully in and out, the muscles, ligaments, and the soft tissue structure in the joints need to have mobility. At Tensegrity Physical Therapy, we have pulled together some of our favorite stretches and exercises to help encourage healthy blood flood through the lungs and the heart to keep you healthy.

Foam Roller Exercise #1

Foam Roller Exercise #2

Lying Down Exercise #1

Lying Down Exercise #2

Wall Stretch

Chapman Reflexes

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