Continuing Education

“From the very beginning, I discovered that most Physical Therapy employers will set aside a small chunk of money each year for continuing education for their staff. But for us at Tensegrity Physical Therapy, even though my wife and I were very financially restricted at the beginning of our careers (due to student loans and having children), we have never let finances get in the way of learning. 

So, when we hire enthusiastic practitioners, we are very open to bringing any new knowledge, especially scientific knowledge, into the clinic. I think that is something that separates us from other clinics because we invest a lot in all of our practitioners. Some of the categories we focus our continuing education priorities toward include strength training, motor control, and manual therapy techniques.

The majority of our physical therapists and strength coaches over the last 10 years have participated in a 6-month fellowship at the University of Southern California with Chris Powers, Ph.D., PT, FACSM, FAPTA. That course series main focus is on functional biomechanics of the lower extremity. The reason I continue to send my clinical staff there is because the lower extremity is where we see a majority of the injuries occurring that we treat in our facility. This course helps us better rehabilitate those that have been injured and those that are post-surgical, and we also try to educate the patients and their children on how to avoid re-injury.” – Sean Roach, Founder, DPT, Ph.D.