Tips For Exercising With A Mask

Here at Tensegrity Physical Therapy, we are following the orders put in place by the State of Oregon and require all patients to wear a mask. But we are not alone in this, and now, masks are required everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, and also popular hiking spots. This brings up the question, “How can I still exercise while wearing my mask?”

Find A Good Mask

There are a ton of masks on the market now, ranging from cotton, paper, and even plastic. But if you look, you will find that most sport stores have started selling masks designed specifically for exercise. These masks are tight on the face but are made from a highly breathable fabric, like polyester.

Focus On Your Breathing

It is true that it will take some time to get used to wearing a mask while hiking, running, or doing exercises with one of our exercise specialists here at Tensegrity. But an important tip is to focus on taking slower, deeper inhales through the nose and slowing down the exhale. This will help prevent lightheadness. And try to focus on breathing through your nose more, because this will also help decrease the amount of moisture in the mask.

Understand Your Limits

No matter how breathable the fabric is, the level of breathing is still affected by wearing a mask. It is important to understand that you will have to pull back a little and pay attention to your heart rate and breathing levels.

Take breaks and listen to your body. Also, set fitness expectations lower. It is important to focus on safety above personal records. This does not mean you are weaker or less fit, but it does mean you are being smart and safe.

Wash Your Re-Usable Mask After Exercising

It is important to machine wash a mask after every use while exercising.

If you find yourself being frustrated by the limitations of training with a mask, it is important to remember the bigger picture. Wearing a mask is not only mandatory but by wearing it, you are helping both yourself and the others around you by doing your part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!