Meet the Team


Sean Roach


As the owner and co-founder of Tensegrity Physical Therapy, Sean has developed a wide encompassing perspective on the evaluation and treatment of the human body in a career that began in 1985 as a student athletic trainer. His formal education includes a BS in both Sports Medicine and Health Sciences, Masters in Physical Therapy, Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a PhD in Orthopedic and Sports Science. His post graduate work has included extensive training in soft tissue and joint mobilization with renowned osteopathic educators, including Dr. Loren “Bear” Rex and Dr. Edward Stiles. Other specialties include advanced training in power lifting, biomechanics of the spine, lower extremities and upper extremity. He is currently (2018-present) working on completion of an MSc in Philosophy, Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh. His focus is on the emerging field of Embodied Cognition.