Meet the Team

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Marc Lyda


Marc grew up in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas where he participated in football, track, and powerlifting. Marc left Texas in 1987 to attend the University of Oregon where he met his future wife. Marc has never expressed a desire to move back to Texas. After college, Marc became an avid tri-athlete culminating in Ironman competition. Now Marc’s focus is on rehabilitative exercise with an emphasis on strength and agility training. For more than 40 years, Marc has devoted both his vocation and avocations to strength and conditioning through resistance and agility training. Marc has an undergraduate degree from the Phys. Ed. department at the University of Oregon, a Master’s degree from N.C.U. in counseling and received his license in Massage Therapy after completing the program at L.C.C.

Marc’s first coaching job was as a private strength coach for powerlifters progressing from there to coaching football, track, cross country, strength and conditioning, and agility training from middle school to college. Marc’s primary vocational focus now is helping people who have suffered injury, experienced surgery and are in need of help getting back to their personal activities of daily living.