Force Plate – What Is It?

Tensegrity Physical Therapy | September 20, 2019 | Filed under:

The Force Plate is one of the performance therapy tools that we use to measure shock absorption and ground reaction forces during movements like walking, running, jumping, or cutting. Our Force Plate has been installed into the floor of the clinic and it uses technology to provide visual feedback and assessment. The television screen mounted across from the force plate displays the ground force reaction on the Force Plate while also showcasing a ground force vector, which helps both our staff and the patient truly understand the results by providing visual feedback.

An example of feedback that you can get back from the Force Plate is while squatting, the Force Plate can immediately tell you if you are putting more weight on one side of the body vs the other and/or being hip dominant vs knee dominant. The technology can also be used for athletes to help better train them in proper shock absorption to help reduce the ground reaction force with running, jumping, and cutting. The goal is to use visual feedback to help treat imbalances, teach proper form, and reduce pain and injury.

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