Services That Set Us Apart

Running and Walking Gait Analysis

Our unique treadmill utilizes pressure sensor technology to evaluate foot strike mechanics with running and/or walking. Our software enables us to look at many variables including maximum force, stride length, cadence, etc. We use high speed cameras to record lateral and posterior views to determine other variables affecting gait.

Surface Electromyography

This technology utilizes surface electrodes to measure the amount of muscle recruitment, while providing the user with visual feedback to improve neuromotor pathways. This allows us to alter compensatory patterns to maximize proper activation.

Bike Fit Evaluations

We are proud to boast of our in house bike fit expert who utilizes laser, infrared markers and computrainer power analysis to evaluate and alter your current bike position. The goal of a bike fit is to maximize power and efficiency and/or eliminate pain associated with poor bike position or anatomical limitations.

Return to Sport Evaluation

We utilize state of the art technology, rather than solely a surgical protocol, to determine an athlete’s ability to return to sport safely. This is comprised of a biomechanical assessment, biodex strength testing, force plate and high speed video cameras for sport specific movements, and running/walking gait analysis if appropriate.

Biodex Dynamometer Strength Testing

The use of isokinetic strength testing provides a quantitative measure of strength. The numerical strength value is helpful with establishing a baseline and establishing goals for symmetrical strength (comparison to the uninvolved limb). This technology also serves as an alternative way to strengthen via isokinetic, isometric, and isotonic programs both eccentrically and concentrically.

Force Plate

This technology displays a ground force vector, used during rehabilitation as visual biofeedback for the patient and an assessment tool for the therapist with the performance of functional or sport specific movements. It is also used with training in proper shock absorption to help reduce ground reaction force with jumping, cutting, running.

Metabolic / VO2 Testing and Training

We are able to determine training zones through ventilatory threshold and determine the most efficient fat burning zone for your aerobic training.

Pilates Training

Our clinic is home to a Pilates Reformer, a machine designed to train the body’s “powerhouse” — the abdomen, lower back, hips, and buttocks. The Reformer’s many attachments allow us to modify and individualize exercise treatment specific to each patient's fitness needs. Where Pilates on a mat falls short, the use of a Reformer allows people with limited range of movement or injuries to safely do exercises.

Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Several of our therapists are trained specifically to address the health care needs of women in regards to pelvic pain and dysfunction, urinary and fecal incontinence, pregnancy and post-partum conditions, and sexual dysfunction.

VertiMax Raptor

This tool is the most advanced sports training system designed to increase athletic performance across all sports and ages. Training with VertiMax is perfect for people interested in strength training, speed training and resistance training.

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