Tensegrity Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy practice located in Eugene, Oregon. The primary focus of the practice is on the selective use of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and patient education to meet patient goals for recovery and health. The clinic utilizes the philosophy of Tensegrity, or “tensional integrity”, that treats the body as an interconnected system in which the skeletal components float within the soft tissue network. This concept is useful in understanding how dysfunction in one region of the body can affect distal regions that appear to be unrelated to symptoms.

At Tensegrity Physical Therapy we utilize state of the art equipment to evaluate biomechanics and muscle function. Our staff includes physical therapists and athletic trainers, three of which have completed doctoral degrees focused on clinical research. Our staff incorporates the use of surface electromyography (sEMG) to determine key variables in performance including motor control planning. Surface EMG, which measures the electrical activity of muscles, can be used to determine if the appropriate muscles are being utilized to perform tasks including sports performance, resistance exercise, work station activities, and activities of daily living. Furthermore, a high performance H/P Cosmos treadmill that incorporates pressure sensor technology is used to evaluate many aspects of walking and running gait. By combining sEMG with the treadmill and motion analysis we can better determine how to improve dysfunction and performance.

Our staff is trained to further evaluate and treat biomechanical dysfunction with a combination of several manual therapy philosophies and strategies. These include joint mobilization, strain/counterstrain, myofascial release, cranial mobilization, muscle trigger point release, neuromobilization and muscle energy techniques.

With the combination of our manual therapy evaluation and treatment, and sophisticated muscle and motion testing, we design individualized home exercise programs to aid in your total recovery. We look forward to helping you maximize your health!


Clinic walk-through: